It's not enough to hire for skill, it's about a true culture fit.

With 3 decades of experience in recruitment, we mix art, science & coffee to help you hire just the right person.

Understand Your Business

Create & Deliver Your Strategy

See Your New Hire Succeed

Peace Of Mind Is Just A Click Away

I'm a business consultant first, recruitment specialist second.


It's not enough to hire just for skill - We specialise in cultural fit. We help fix culture.

HR Advice & Mediation

Helping create the right outcome when it seems impossible.

Business Consulting

It's all about perspective - I like 360 degree look at your business and help you grow it all angles.

IDT Solutions

Helping structure your business for the changing digital age.

We Help Make Your Choice Clear

Hi I'm Anna-Maria,

Many businesses have used recruiters over the years that have let them down.

Maybe they didn't hire for culture? Maybe they were just rushing to make a fee? Did they even ask to even try and understand your business?

It doesn't have to be that way.

I have been helping companies like yours for 15 years fix poor culture, poor fits & find great people.

It leads to better performance, less turnover & more sales.

It all starts with a cup of coffee (or tea), in person or on Zoom.

Working With Me & My Team Is Easy

With a combined 30 years of experience, we can help you save time, money, and aggravation.

Understand Your Business

It's not enough to hire just for skill - We specialise in cultural fit. We help fix culture.

Create & Deliver

Your Strategy

Using our proven people first systems - We focus on your business needs to get the result you desire.

See Your Business Perform

We integrate the person into your culture, so they feel safe & become productive.

Whatever success means to your business,

Seraphanon can help you get there.

Jo-Anne Hazel

Knowledge Herder

Anna-Maria was able to provide excellent insight around how to work productively with a Gen Y contractor I am using. Her advice contributed to better managing the relationship, which was beginning to break down, through helping me understand this age group's different motivations and work practices. We are working much more collaboratively now.

Mike Johnston

Wordcom Direct Marketing

An absolute self-starter and dog with a bone would summarise Anna-Maria.

Given even the slightest of briefing, Anna-Maria is confident and is willing to give it a go. Regardless of the difficulty or hours required to deliver, if Anna-Maria agrees to do it then one can be confident that the she will do everything possible to deliver on her promise.

High integrity, personable, honest and very hard working.

Paul Coles

Director at My Advisor

We engaged Anna-Maria to undertake a significant recruitment project. The project itself was highly complex with many stakeholder parties involved. We were absolutely delighted with what Anna-Maria achieved, he outcomes were fantastic and the feedback that we had from all parties was all positive.

Anna-Maria as a person is great, she slotted into our team quickly and got on well with them all. A highly presentable and professional woman, I would have no hesitation in hiring her again, and would recommend her to anyone.

I'm ready to talk - Are you?

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